Lutron OPC Server
For Lutron lighting controller, Lutron OPC Server 2.0 was developed by OPCTechs Technology Corporation basing on the standard OPC 2.0 Specification. We developed the packaged software for our extended customers especially in the automation fields.
 Model Name   Serial
GRAFIK EYE 3500/4500
Key features of the OPC Server 2.0 include:
Compliant with the latest OPC Data Access 1.0, 2.0 standards.
Tag multiplier allows you to create hundreds of tags in seconds.
Tags can be grouped in logical folders for manageability.
Value simulation for any data item in the OPC server.
Tags support configurable range information.
Flexible configuration for numerous tags.
Tags have configurable alarm conditions.
GRAFIK EYE 3500/4500
Microsoft Windows
Required Hardware & Software Item Specification
IBM Compatible Computer CPU Pentium 133 or higher
Memory 256 MB RAM at least
HDD space 100 MB disk space
Operating System Windows XP Professional 32 With Service Pack 2
Windows 7 Professional 32/64  With Service Pack 1
Windows 8 Professional 32/64  
Windows 2003 Server 32/64  
Windows 2008 Server 32/64  
Windows 2012 Server 32/64  
Lutron proprietary protocol